by Steve on February 20, 2017

Not hackers, just hacks.  Useless vermin looking for trouble.  I’ve been bit twice now and so we’ve installed extra security which is supposed to keep this sort of thing from happening.  Until it happens again.  You’ll notice the last post is from 2015 so we lost a few.  Not a huge setback since I  haven’t been writing much and it was a painful decision to spend the money to protect this site.  Having done so means I must get back in the habit of writing or it will have been more money wasted.  It was a toss between spending the funds and simply shutting down The Shed but that would have been conceding defeat to the low life scum that decided to come through the back door and spread their graffiti.  The thought crossed my mind that quite possibly they work for the security company that came to the rescue.  Their cheap scanning caught the intrusion and attempted to auto-correct the situation but of course the infection was more serious and I shouldn’t mind paying for peace of mind, after all this is the world we live in these days.  Ah, progress…

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